Good news: Emergency Dept wait times are now actual wait times

Posted in Blog by saraburke on November 9, 2009

It has just been pointed out to me that my comment on the HSE performance in relation to wait times is wrong. This is good news. Up to May/June of this year wait times reported in Emergency Departments (EDs) were reported from when a decision to admit was made not when a person presented at the Emergency Department (ie you could be waiting hours or days before a decision to admit was made but this was not included in official wait times). Now hospitals and the HSE are counting the time from when a person registers (ie when they first enter the ED).

In a post last weeek I said

Most hospitals are not meeting the 6 hour wait times for Emergency Departments – just 42% met 6 hour target but we know that this is not the actual wait time as the clock only starts once a decision to admit has been made, not when somebody arrives in an Emergency Department.

This was wrong the wait times reported in the new Corporate Report are actual wait times from when a person first resented at the ED. This is progress as it means the HSE and hospitals are measuring the real time that people wait, they are reporting on them regularly and we will be able to monitor progress over time.

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