Fair Care – Fine Gael’s health policy, details yet to come..

Posted in Blog by saraburke on February 4, 2011

Fine Gael relaunched their Fair Care policy yesterday with a press briefing and two and half page summary rehash of what was published in April 2009. Little if any further detail was revealed, no costings, no exact steps as to how universal health insurance can be achieved, no detail on what happens the 100,000 plus staff who currently work for the HSE, no detail on what happens hospitals, community care services, long term and social care services…. Although after much questioning Reilly promised more detailed policies to be published before the election…

Here is an article I wrote shortly after Fair Care was published that a bunch of people have asked me for so I am putting it up now. I am still awaiting for the details of their policy and hope the election can deliver them…

HM_HM_July_09-p10-13 Fair CareJuly_09-p1013 Fair Care


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  1. Marcus De Brun said, on February 4, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Very good article Sara. My concern is that the certainty surrounding Reilly’s Ministry is being used by Insurance companies and possibly by Fine Gael. The question can and should be asked as to what Fine Gael is doing in negotiations with foreign medical insurers? Why won’t they disclose the names of those companies and what is being negotiated?
    As you point out in your article.. one of the points of the Fair Care plan… is the guarentee that “people will not pay more than they currently pay for health insurance”… hence the recent massive hike in VHI. All of this inside dealing and secret negotiations that we are trying to escape.

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