Stand-off on free GP care

Posted in Articles, Blog by saraburke on March 7, 2014

Doctors move to ensure the Minister’s primary care ‘Trojan horse’ falls at the first fence, see here my column from the Medical Independent from 6 March 2014 (more…)

Minister Reilly to lift restrictions on GPs who can treat medical card holders

Posted in Blog by saraburke on September 16, 2011

On 14 September, Minister James Reilly announced that he had got Cabinet approval to lift restrictions on GPs treating patients with medical cards. So will this make it easier for people to access GPs and drive down high costs of GP visits? (more…)

Uphill struggle ahead as Reilly finishes first term in health

Posted in Blog by saraburke on July 29, 2011

As the political season ends and James Reilly gives an upbeat speech to the MacGill summer school, immense challenges face him now and when the autumn season begins… (more…)