Without clear health reform plans, we need sustained improvements on access to quality health and social care

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From the Irish Independent on 19 December 2015

This week, there were more health headlines, emanating from a frank interview with HSE chief Tony O’Brien, the deferral of the INMO nurses’ strike action in emergency departments and the publication of the HSE 2016 service plan. (more…)


A good service plan for 2015

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My analysis of 2015 HSE Service Plan from Irish Independent on 28 November 2014.

The sense of relief was palpable at yesterday’s launch of the HSE’s 2015 Service Plan. HSE chief Tony O’Brien was flanked by ministers Leo Varadkar and Kathleen Lynch. There was no smugness or back slapping, instead a sober acknowledgement of the “welcome but modest” increase to the health budget for the year ahead. (more…)

Pre-election government guff won’t ease medical card issue

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See below analysis from Irish Independent, published on 22 May 2014.  (more…)

Minister’s fantastical figures

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Minister James Reilly’s budget shenanigans have put him right back in the spotlight. See my column for Medical Independent from 7 November 2013. (more…)

Quality care comes at a cost

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We do not need experts or reports to tell us that proper healthcare requires adequate staffing and resources. See column from 24 October 2013. (more…)

Further disability cuts are inexcusable

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As budget overruns continue throughout the HSE, the most vulnerable citizens have once again been targeted, but how much more can service users take. My Medical Independent column from 12 September 2013. (more…)

Reasons to be hopeful for health in 2011…

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Despite the hefty cut to the health budget in the year ahead, the HSE Service Plan launched in Christmas week provides some rare optimism for 2011.