Government’s lack of courage fails us all, but more importantly, our oldest and frailest citizens

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Column from Irish Independent on 21 July 2015 on long-awaited, watered government review of the Nursing Home Support Scheme.

On February 12, Minister of State for Primary and Social Care Kathleen Lynch starkly told the Oireachtas Health Committee that the Nursing Home Support Scheme was “unsustainable in its present form… we have to take a serious look at the additional funding that will be needed”.



Q&A on the Fair Deal

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From the Irish Independent on 13 February 2015

What is the Fair Deal?

It is the Nursing Home Support Scheme (NHSS) which funds residential nursing home care for older people. It is administered by the HSE. Latest figures show there were 22,618 people funded under this scheme in November 2014. People can choose public, private or voluntary nursing homes under the NHSS. (more…)

A five-month wait for a nursing home bed is no Fair Deal

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Analysis from Irish Independent on 7 November 2014.

Yesterday Minister for Health Leo Varadkar declared his dissatisfaction with the fact that there are over 2,000 older people waiting 15 weeks for nursing home care. And now that the fourfold increase in the numbers of older people waiting for nursing home beds has hit the public radar, Minister Varadkar and Minister for Older People Kathleen Lynch have a “plan”. (more…)

Waiting for others to die – the only way to get a nursing home bed

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HSE figures released today (1 September) reveal that 1,100 older people who are medically in need of a nursing home place and have been through a rigorous financial assessment are languishing on a waiting list for that bed. When the Nursing Home Support Scheme (the so-called Fair Deal) was launched less than two years ago it was heralded as “accessible, affordable and anxiety free”. Obviously it is proving to be none of these (it is not accessible for those on the waiting list, it is not affordable for the State as it as run out of money and it is not anxiety free for the older people and their families who wait for a nursing home bed) so what does the Fair Deal waiting list mean for those on it and why is there a waiting list?  (more…)

No surprise that ‘Fair Deal’ has run out of money

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Just 20 months old, the nursing home support scheme (named the Fair Deal) has run out of money, so what will happen older people in need of nursing home care and why are we only hearing about this now?  (more…)