HSE progress is slow but more patients are not waiting longer

Posted in Blog by saraburke on September 14, 2010

It’s a new term for the HSE, with a brand new CEO, a new chairman of the board and a new progress report. On 9 September, they published their first figures for this year on their own performance. There is some good news, some bad, overall their own figures demonstrate progress is slow.. (more…)

How is the HSE performing?

Posted in Blog by saraburke on October 30, 2009

This week the HSE published its first Corporate Performance Report. It’s the first of its kind from the HSE. It brings together 30 measurements and look at how the health service is performing during firs six months of 2009. It is building on the work of its monthly Performance Reports. These will allow us over time to see how the HSE is performing, albeit by its own chosen measurements…   (more…)