Dental schemes in need of check-up

Posted in Articles by saraburke on October 21, 2009

This is the long version of the story that appeared in Irish TImes on 20 October 2009

More than 10 per cent of the claims made by private dentists could be inappropriate or fraudulent, writes SARA BURKE

A SERIES of unpublished reports on the free dental scheme for adults seen by The Irish Times reveals that in excess of 10 per cent of the €85 million budget is paid out by the HSE on inappropriate or fraudulently claimed payments by dentists in private practice.

Despite knowledge by senior officials in the Department of Health and the HSE of these payments in the dental scheme, no action has been taken.

Reports have been commissioned as far back as 2002 making recommendations on how best to put checks in place for dentists who wrongly claim fees or carry out inappropriate procedures under the Dental Treatment Services Scheme (DTSS). (more…)

Good story in Indo on costs of drugs in Ireland

Posted in Blog by saraburke on July 12, 2009

See estimated over spend on drugs due to Irish government’s failure to negotiate lower prices on drugs. The HSE since 2005 have responsibility for negotiating this deal. The HSE claim they brought down costs with the 2006/7 deal by 35% on off patent drugs. However, critics including the IPU say that they failed to bring sufficient savings to the Irish public purse. Close links between big pharmaceutical companies and government must be a factor… 

Here’s the story which is lead in the Irish Independent on 14 July:

HSE blows millions on overpriced medicines

THE health service has been accused of squandering hundreds of millions of euro over the past decade by paying massively inflated prices for prescription drugs.

New industry figures seen by the Irish Independent reveal how manufacturers are being paid up to 18 times more for some generic drugs in Ireland than for the same products in the UK.

The figures indicate that up to €98m a year of taxpayers’ money could be saved on the medical card scheme alone if UK generic prices for some of the most popular medicines were being paid here. (more…)

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