Reilly’s advisors announced

Posted in Blog by saraburke on April 1, 2011

Minister Reilly has some new advisors in place according to an article in yesterday’s Irish Times by Mary Minihan. Sean Faughnan is to be Reilly’s policy advisor and Mark Costigan is his press advisor.Sean Faughnan has been the back room person who drafted Fine Gael’s FairCare policy and has been a general Fine Gael policy advisor for the last few years. On Fine Gael’s website its says he is a former investment banker who worked for JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs and has a PhD in International Relations from Cambridge.

The appointment of Mark Costigan, former spokesperson for Mary Harney as health minister, is interesting. He knows the ropes, is a keen follower of health related matters and has been deputy government press secretary since the PDs were decimated as a party in the 2007 elections. Costigan was a political correspondent for Today FM, a PD appointee, but his knowledge of the system should be useful to Reilly and shows that Fine Gael are realising they need some people around them from the old regime…

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